8 Best PUBG Mobile Emulators for PC and Mac (2019)

Are you a PUBG fan and looking for PUBG mobile emulators to play it on bigger screen? Then we have gathered all the information for you regarding the best PUBG Mobile Emulators. For the people who are hearing this name for the first time, let’s give you a little introduction about what PUBG mobile is.

pubg mobile emulator
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About Pubg Mobile:

PUBG mobile is the most trending mobile game. PUBG is the acronym of Players Underground Battle Grounds which is designed by Tencent Gaming Buddy. In this game, you need to survive among 99 or 100 players that join this game from all over the world. To win this game, all you need to do is be the last one alive to have Chicken Dinner! You can fight alone in this game or in a pair of 2 or group of 4 members. This game gave rise to several other battle games like Fortnite but PUBG is still the most loved game for everyone these days. No other game has yet replaced it. You can download this game for free from AppStore or PlayStore.

The developers of the game works hard to make improvements in the game by launching new updates and seasons every now and then. However, if you are looking to play this game on bigger screen i.e. on your computer or laptop then do not worry we have made the list of the best PUBG mobile emulators for Mac and PC.

Best Pubg Mobile Emulators For Pc And Mac:

All the Windows user out there, Tencent has created an emulator designed especially for Windows. However, Mac users you still have to bypass to play this game on your desktop. We will provide you all the details regarding it here so stay tuned!

Tencent Gaming Buddy:

Gaming Buddy for PUBG Mobile
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Tencent have created an emulator especially to cater the needs of Windows users. With this emulator, you can easily play it on your Windows without any issues or lags. This emulator is designed for all kinds of computers even those with low RAM and low video quality. PUBG also has a computer version available but it is not free just like the PUBG mobile version.

The best thing about this emulator is that if you are playing through it, you will only be paired up with the players who would be using the emulator just like you. So that you do not feel any sort of unfair advantage while playing through emulator.

How To Install And Use Tencent Gaming Buddy Pubg Mobile Emulator?

  1. First of all, visit the official website of Tencent Gaming Buddy.
  2. Now, install and download the installation file of Tencent Gaming Buddy on your computer.
  3. Open the EXE file and it will start installing the contents on your computer.
  4. Now, open the PUBG mobile emulator and start playing the game and enjoy.

Nvidia Geforce Now:

GeForce Nvidia Now for Mac
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To play PUBG mobile on Mac computer, you need to install GeForce Now on your Mac PC. It allows you to play games which are linked with cloud service such as PUBG or Fornite. Everything is done through the GeForce server and you only gets to control the game through your computer. It will not burden your Mac hardware and would be light on your computer. To play this game, you just need a good internet connection and you need 30$ to purchase it and enjoy!

Method To Install Nvidia Geforce Now To Play Pubg:

  1. First of all, make sure that your Mac PC is connected with a good internet connection with minimum speed upto 20 MB.
  2. Now install Nvidia GeForce on your Mac computer using the simple procedure.
  3. Customize your gameplay by adjusting the settings in your GeForce Now application. To start the low power consumption mode, you can switch on the “Ultra Streaming Mode” on the GeForce application.
  4. You will find all of your purchased games in the GeForce application. Click on it to start it.

Nox Player:

Nox Player for Windows and Mac
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This is the most amazing emulator for both Mac and Windows. This Nox player only supports Android. The only purpose of this emulator is to play games. It provides the best game experience to the PUBG players. It also has customization settings to adjust the gameplay according to your gameplay techniques.

Method To Install Nox Player On Your Computer To Play Pubg:

  1. First of all, visit the official website of Nox Player to download the application on your computer.
  2. After installing it completely, you will be able to find the PlayStore icon in the Nox Player application.
  3. Click on it and login to your PlayStore account.
  4. Now locate the PUBG game and download it on Nox Player.
  5. Now start the game and enjoy! Done!

Nox Player | Free | Windows and Mac

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Remix Os Player:

This emulators allows you the most comfortable gaming experience. It works the best on Android Marshmallow. However, the people who have outdated Android version can not use this emulator for their gameplay. You can easily set your own personalized controls on this game making it one of the best PUBG mobile emulators for Mac and PC.

Method To Install Remix Os Player On Your Computer To Play Pubg Mobile:

  1. Install and download Remix OS player through the official website of Remix OS player on your computer.
  2. Now search out for PlayStore on the emulator and login to your account.
  3. Now enjoy the game on it and enjoy your gameplay! Done!

Remix OS Player| Windows


Bluestacks PUBG
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This is an all rounder PUBG mobile emulator for PC and Mac. It has the right combination of graphics, power and process making. It is considered as the best PUBG mobile emulator for android users. It allows a smooth gameplay as it is capable of running high quality and huge games.

Method To Install Bluestacks For Windows And Pc To Play Pubg Mobile:

  • First of all download bluestacks from the official website and install it.
  • Now run the installation wizard and install the app.
  • Now click on the APP and open PlayStore on it.
  • Add your google account on the PlayStore.
  • Now look out for PUBG there.
  • Install PUBG Mobile.
  • Run the game and enjoy! Done!

Download Bluestacks | Windows and Mac

MEmu Player:

The speciality of this program is that it can easily work on low Windows specifications which allows a smooth gameplay for the PUBG Mobile users who have low PC specifications. It provides you with good features to allow a smooth gameplay of your PUBG mobile. You need a good graphic card to play heavy games like PUBG mobile on this emulator.

Method To Install Memu Player To Play Pubg Mobile:

  • First of all, download the MEmu player on your Windows PC.
  • Now complete the installation process of the software.
  • Click on Memu on your computer and open it.
  • Now create an account by using your login instructions.
  • Download and install PUBG mobile on your MEmu emulator.
  • Adjust the controls on this emulator and play PUBG mobile and enjoy! Done!

Download MEmu Player | Windows


Andy is a special kind of an emulator to play PUBG mobile on your computer. This application syncs the data on all of your devices allowing you to start off from where you left playing on your mobile. This will provide a hassle free transfer of your game progress from your mobile to PC. It can provide you with UX experience by allowing you to control your game through your smartphone.

Features Of Andy Emulator For Windows And Mac:

  • Easily sync your game progress from smartphone to PC.
  • It can connect your Android phone to Windows/Mac PC.
  • Allows you to download any app directly from any internet browser to your Andy Operating System.
  • It allows to run all the android apps on your Windows PC and Mac.
  • Can support mobile joystick for smooth gameplay. Done!


It allows you to play your mobile games on computer with an ease. The control options are mouse and keyboard. It is compatible with various games and provide smooth gameplay, and stable and efficient gameplay for your PUBG Mobile gameplay.

Features Of Ldplayer Pubg Mobile For Windows:

  • Can work for moderate level computers.
  • Allow free gameplay of heavy Android games.
  • It provides you high-speed and high-performance of gameplay.
  • It provides you a smooth and efficient gameplay with no lags. Done!

Download LDPlayer| Windows


These were few of the best PUBG mobile emulators for Mac and PC designed to give you a better experience while playing the best game on your computer. Stay connected to get more updates regarding all the other things.

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