PokeHuntr Alternatives & Reviews Pokemon Go Raid & Gym Map

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PokeHuntr is a live scanning Pokemon application that scan popular pokemons on PokemonGo and not just Pidgeys and Rattatas. The website starts showing you the map automatically after you redirect to the website. To find the pokemon on your location, you need to type your location to scan or search pokemons around you. You can do this by typing your location on thr search bar of pokehuntr map and click on the Find button to find pokemons.

After this, the map will shift to your location and show you the area in which you want to find pokemons. For finding pokemons, it is necessary for you to press the green “Find” button at the end of your screen to find pokemons around you.

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You also have an option to zoom in to the map and look out for the pokemon you are looking. This is not a game but just an application that helps in playing PokemonGo more efficiently and get unique pokemons.

How To Catch Pokemons Using Pokehuntr?

Poke Huntr shows you a real-time map and show you the most unique pokemon near your location. You can go to that location of the map and catch that pokemon from your Pokemon Go app. The pokemon will be shown to you once you scan your location on the map and the app will show you the pokemon near you at your desired location.

Using this pokemon scanner tool, you can find pokemons much easily. You can find the best pokemons in your area using this application. The app shows you map to search for your area and find the best pokemons present there to catch.

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Best Alternative To Pokehuntr — Pokiimap:

PokiiMap is an alternative of PokeHuntr and helps in scanning Pokemons around you using the scanner tool present in this application. It is a PokeVision designed especially for Android users to help them catch all the unique pokemons easily. You will have to use this application yourself by pressing a few buttons here or there because this is not a BOT but a user-friendly application designed to make your experience much better.

It has all the features that PokeHuntr has but it only works on Android system which makes its usage limited. However, PokeHuntrr is available for both iOS and Android making it more accessible to the users of Pokemon Go.

Pros Of Pokehuntrr:

  • The map feature on this application is the easiest to use. The app has very few controls and buttons and does not have any on-screen cluster. This makes this app user-friendly and amazing for the users of Pokemon Go.
  • PokeHuntrr makes it easier to find your desired pokemon in your area by scanning your area for unique pokemons to quickly have all the unique pokemons in your deck and enjoy your gameplay with Pokemon Go.
  • This app serves an a scanner for PokemonGo and helps you in catching the rarest pokemons near you.

Cons Of Pokehuntrr:

  • The pokemon scanner has been off line and there were no beforehand indication that when will the application be available again for the people to use it. Only a single message keeps displaying on the screen stating that there is no ETA that when will the tool be available again for Pokemon Go users and for people who love playing Pokemon Go on their mobile devices.
  • Apart from this, the Gym scanner has also stopped working on this application. We can no longer search for gyms near us using the PokeHuntrr map to fight with our companions and get badges and improve our level. The same message appears on the Gym Scanner too. This message also stares that there is no ETA that when will this tool will be available again for the users.
  • The users of PokeHuntrr are disappointed and are looking forward for some good alternative for PokeHuntrr to enjoy their game even more.

Features Of Pokehuntrr:

  • PokeHuntrr has a map based interface for users which is highly intuitive and allows you to find Pokemons more easily within the radar of your location.
  • It also gives statistical data about how many times a similar pokemon has appeared in your area and the availability rate of certain pokemons in your area using their own statistics and data.
  • The tool has helped people find billions of Pokemon near them. It is a Pokemon Scanner Tool with a lot of different features. Its unique ability makes it stand out from the rest of the websites offering the same service.
  • This website is specifically designed for Pokemon Go users and is useless without pokemon Go application.

We believe that we have covered our topic about PokeHuntrr quite well. If you have any queries or questions then feel free to ask us using the comment section below. Stay tuned to get more updates.

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