How to Make Selfies With Dorian Rossini ?

You might have heard about Dorian Rossini, if you have heard about Dorian Rossini then there is a good chance that you might be thinking “how to take selfies with him?” For all of the readers who do not know who Dorian Rossini is Before learning how to take selfies with Dorian Rossini, you must first know who is Dorian Rossini and why does everyone wants to take selfies with him? To know about Dorian Rossini read the blog below and find out all that you need to know about Dorian Rossini.

Who Is Dorian Rossini?

Dorian Rossini originated from Nice, has acclaimed his fame from different platforms. While he spends most of his time working as a DJ at parties and clubs, he also acquired a lot of fame because he declares himself reincarnation of God. His claim to be God is on one hand abusive and offending to few people, it has however on the other hand gave him a lot of popularity because of the people who listens to him and believe in his words.

In the year 2012, he did a publicity stunt during the audition of a reality television shoe named as Angels by coming at the audition in his birthday suit, naked. This was the fifth season of that reality show and nobody had seen anything like that before on this show. People believe that that show was actually designed for him so that people can acknowledge him.

Dorian Rossini
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Going naked at the audition was not enough for Dorian, after entering the show he was the most talked subject in the show and the channel NRJ 12 which was totally devoted to him. This gave him a bigger buzz to Dorian Rossini. For Dorian Rossini, any assumption can be wrong. Whenever you think that he would now disappear from television shows and reality tv then you are most likely be mistaken.

To end his 2013 with a buzz, he wished his fans in a very weird and unique way. He did it by showing his atypical character in the picture taken by him in Adam’s dress. You might be thinking that this would be his last mistake? But no, nothing ended even then. He kept talking about himself on different social media platforms and television shows. Later, he claimed himself to be GOD on his tweet which gained him a lot of popularity no matter negative or positive. Some people got angry because of their faith and belief.

How To Take Selfies With Dorian Rossini?

After his proclamation of being the reincarnation of God, he was soon homeless. As his roommate, threw him our of his house along with all of his belongings. Dorian then moved to live in the hotel finding it to be the only place to live for him. Soon after living for a few days in hotels he found out that he is not rich enough to afford hotels anymore. So he went to live on the streets like beggars.

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This thirsty for popularity reincarnation of God decided to gain popularity through it too by showing people his lifestyle of living on the streets. While still being homeless, he told on the camera that he is living on the Paris metro. So whoever wants to take selfies with him or meet him can meet him there and take a lot of selfies to make him even more popular and also identifying the truth in his words.

After this incident, people believed that the only way he can recover from his situation is by being spiritual and virtuous. This was the time when his career was almost over but he still did not stop here and chose a path other than which was advised by the people.

Dorian later tried to put himself in a reality show named Secret Story so that he can get back his popularity through this reality show. But he could not make it do the show. The director and maker of the show claimed that Dorian is not able to be fit in the direction of the show. However, Dorian was still convinced that he can only gain back his popularity by being on a reality television show.

After a lot of trying, he created his online creation named “The Gospel”. In 2014, a lot clashes happened between Dorian and a singer named Zaho. On that Morandini set, Dorian caught eye of a producer who saw potential in him and offered him some other television shows too. During the year 2015, Dorian started appearing on different television channels and did his own thing.

Later he was groomed to be a DJ. Dorian’s popularity has then increased to an extent that he has become one of the most searched celebrity on Google and other social media platforms. Where would his career go next? Well, this is still a secret for us!

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