Facebook Image Search | Search Profiles from a Picture (2019)

Have you recently introduced to the idea of Facebook Image Search? By Facebook Image Search, you can search for profile of any user through photo ids, or any other image. Since, Facebook is one of the widely used website on the internet, it has thousands and thousands of profiles which makes it tough to find the correct profile. On facebook, over 200 million pictures are uploaded on daily basis. However, if you’re searching for someone through their picture or you are looking to collect data about a certain picture, try using this search feature to find relevant information.

Facebook Image Search
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All You Need To Know About Facebook Image Search:

The method to find profiles or any other data through pictures is Facebook Image Search. Apart from the Facebook Image Search, facebook has another search option known as the normal search feature which is most commonly used by everyone. This search allows you to search for profiles using their names. Now you can filter out the results on facebook by using the Advanced Search option on Facebook.

Ways To Search Images On Facebook:

Facebook Search is quite different from Google search and looks at mainly three distinct factors while displaying its results for your search. These are the following main three factors:

  • You can only search for those profiles which are linked on Facebook.
  • It also rely on the settings of privacy of users on Facebook.
  • It can show you only those photos which are displayed publicly.

To find images on Facebook, you need to first have an account on Facebook. Sign in to your profile and place the  relevant keyword you want to search on Facebook and you will be shown results according to your search on Facebook. However, if you want to search for specific photos of certain person you can type “Photos of XYZ” on your search bar by replacing the XYZ with the user’s name on Facebook.

Finding A Facebook Account  Through An Image:

I am listing here few methods through which you can look out for Facebook profiles on Facebook through images or photos:

Using The Photo Id Of The Profile:

The image you’re using to search is if from Facebook profile then follow the steps mentioned below to identify to which account the image belongs to:

  • First of all, check out the name of the file of the image.
  • Name of photo might have fb written on the file name which is the acronym of Facebook.
  • The file name should have three different sets of numbers which should be separated with periods. Find out the middle set of the numbers eg. fbid=1248036147&set=a.19857362937.2

I have underlined the middle part for you above. There should not be any decimal between these numbers.

  • The middle set you selected will be the account number of the Facebook user.
  • Now type the URL: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=******** replacing the signs with the middle set of number.
  • Now press the Enter key and now you can locate the account of the user.

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Using The Reverse Image Search Method:

One of the most amazing technology in locating the profile of the image is by using the Reverse Image Search technology. This tool might help you the find the sources of different images throughout internet. All you need to do is upload these images in the search engine and you will be displayed with appropriate results.

There are certain search engines which can be used to perform these tasks. I have listed some of those search engines here to facilitate you:

  • Google Image Search
  • TinEye
  • Bing Rev Image Search
  • RIS Mobile App

Using Searchisback For Advanced Search On Facebook:

This tool helps you in finding people by school, relationship status, first and last name, and so much more. Moreover, you can also search for nearby events, photos, posts and things like these. The best part about it is that you do not need to use Facebook’s difficult search terms and conditions. It allows locating people on the internet much easier.


This was a general article which guided you about ways to search for images on Facebook or how you can find the profile of a person using their Facebook image. We have also mentioned certain platforms which allows you to search online through images. I hope we helped you in the best way possible.

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