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Are you looking to customize your phone with amazing wallpapers and unique themes? Then make sure to download Zedge for PC to access this wonderful application on your computer as well. With Zedge for pc, you can customize your cellphone with new widgets, incredible wallpapers, unique themes as well as ringtones, games, icons etc. Zedge is a platform where different people upload different stuff from which you can choose your favourite wallpaper, theme etc for free. These wallpapers can be easily downloaded on your cellphone for accessing them later.

Features Of Zedge For Pc:

This application has several features for you to try out while you use this app. It provides a lot of benefits to users willing to customize their cellphone to the best. Some of the best features of Zedge for PC are mentioned below. These features are:

It has an uncomplicated menu where you can find whatever you are looking for at a single place. The menu of Zedge for PC includes wallpapers, themes, ringtones, and so much more.
There is a wide variety of customization options for your mobile, which include wallpapers, ringtones, themes, widgets etc.
You can search all of the above features under different sub-categories which include comedy, vehicles, abstract, Bollywood, anime, auto, games, entertainment, logo, music, love, nature, pets, landscapes, news, travel, scenery, quotes etc.
You can download each file from Zedge for PC into your gallery for free. From your gallery, you can check these files whenever you want. There is also a feature of favourite which saves your favourite themes and wallpapers into your Zedge account.
In the settings menu, you can filter the files or images according to family browsing, you can also clear cache in this menu, and you can clear your browsing and search history too.

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Pushing Your Limits With Zedge For Pc:

Zedge for PC was built with an intention to provide people with the best customization tools that your mobile phone needs. Zedge for PC has wallpapers that even moving, live as well as static. Other than that, you can also have ringtones, themes, widgets, icons, notification, games etc. This app gets updated regularly to provide you with new and trending stuff for your mobile phone. With Zedge for PC, you can easily download things without any hassle because of its settings.

Despite living in the tablet and mobile generation, there are still a massive number of people who suggest playing games and doing stuff on a bigger screen, i.e. on their personal computer or PC. The biggest issue is of budget. Having everything on your fingertips on your tablet and smartphones gives you portability, but with passing time, you start developing problems in your smartphone or tablet. For example: if you break your tablet’s screen it would cost you around the same amount you need to purchase the new gadget but in personal computers, if your mouse stops working you get a new mouse and do not need to replace your whole computer over this little issue. This is also why people prefer to use computers instead of portable devices like smartphones and tablets for playing games.

Using Zedge For Pc With Andy Emulator:

Andy is computer software that is built to provide you with the games and applications of your mobile phone on your computer screen. You might know that the apps designed for use on mobile phones have specifications that only allow them to work on those smart devices. Still, now you can also access those applications on your computer by only using an emulator on your computer. Andy is that emulator to allow you to use Zedge for PC on your computer.

Andy emulators work as processor between PC and the desired application. To download this emulator, you need to follow the steps we have mentioned below. This emulator is completely free. This emulator installs each of the games and applications on its system. You can use this emulator on Windows as well as MAC, so you do not need to switch your Operating System to use this application. With this emulator, you would be able to play android as well as iOS games easily on your computer. By using this emulator, you would be able to save plenty of memory on your smartphone or tablet by using all the applications on your computer.

Andy also offers some distinctive features among the ones highlighted above in the article. You can save your game status on the Andy emulator easily. If you have been previously playing the game on smartphone and now you are willing to play it on a computer using the emulator, you can do it quickly since the emulator will recover the old data from your game quickly and efficiently.

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Method To Download Zedge For Pc:

First of all, you need to download Andy Emulator on your computer, which is available everywhere for free. To download it click on the link below: Download Andy Emulator

Now start the downloading of Andy software by simply clicking upon the installation wizard.

After the software is completely installed, you need to sign up using your account at the Google Playstore.

Now search for Zedge for PC in the search bar of the emulator and click on Download.

Now start the installation of Zedge for PC.

Launch the game and use Zedge for PC easily on your big screen by using your keyboard or mouse or any other accessibility device.


I hope this guide has helped you in using your favourite mobile application on the computer. Now start the app and enjoy its features. Best of luck!

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