7 Best 1Movies Alternative online sites in 2019

Are you tired of watching movies and series on your television? There are so many other options for you to watch movies online from 1movies.tv. This website does not only offer movies to watch but it also offers different tv series for you to watch online bu streaming them. The viewers can enjoy watching an undisturbed watch-time watching your favorite shows and movies online without waiting for them to watch on television with plenty of ads interrupting your show.

Alternative websites like 1movies tv
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Unique Features Of 1movies.tv

1Movies.Tv comes up with a user-friendly interface making it easier for users to access it. It uses thumbnails to display different movies and television shows for the visitors.viewers for easy access. Additionally, viewers can see different details regarding the shows and movies being displayed on the website. You can access these details by placing your cursor on the thumbnails to make sure if you are making the right choice. The details displayed on the site include IMDB rating, movie or episode duration, type of print available to watch, year of release, story plot, genre and country to which the TV series or movie belongs.

You can be redirected to the page having the video by clicking on the “Watch Now” button. The content on this page can be viewed as good as 4k quality. Features like night mode are also available to blackout the corners of the screen to give you a cinematic experience while watching your favorite shows and movies online for free. It has content of different genres available here which includes documentary, sci-fi, thriller, horror, etc.

We have made up a list of websites that can be accessed as an alternative of 1Movies.Tv. Read the blog to find out about those alternatives:

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It is a great alternative to 1Movies.tv. It has a wide collection of TV series from all over the world. The best feature of this website is that you can access these shows without any registration fees. This website also allows an ad-free experience to viewers which is the most amazing feature of this website.


It is an online web-series streaming website. You can search for your favorite television shows by searching for them through the search bar present on the website. Additionally, viewers can find out all the content available on the website in total. It offers several links to viewers to view their favorite shows online, so if any of the link gets broken, viewers can have several options to choose from.


The name does not give justice to the content provided on this website. The website does not only provide movies but also provides tv series for its viewer to stream online. The registration depends upon the user itself. The details are also showcased on the website just like 1Movies.Tv.


Sony Crackle is one of the most famous platforms to stream tv series online for free. On this website, you can search for your favorite tv shows by their genre like sci-fi, horror, mystery, drama, etc. It has an option to view trailers of different shows before watching the complete show which gives an overview of the show you’re about to watch on this website. This app can also be used in smartphones, unlike the others. Moreover, the interface of the website is user-friendly providing users a great experience while watching their favorite television shows online. However, some of the content on this website are restricted according to the geographical regions. This application might not be available in your region.


Get an enormous collection of movies and television series at WatchFree starting from the classics to the newest shows. The user interface is unique and does not require the users to sign up in order to access the videos on this website. The popular shows like Games of thrones attract people to watch their favorite tv shows on this website.


The users can watch both movies and television series on this website for free despite the name of the website. This site does not require any sort of registration in order to watch your shows and movies. The website also provides plenty of links for a single content so that if any of the link gets broken the user get different links to watch their content. This website also has a search bar for you to search for your favorite content with a single click to save your time. His website also provides basic details about the television series and movies which include the cast of the show/movie, origin date, etc.


This website is well-known among users for providing the best free content online without any registration. You can watch tv series as well as movies on this website making it unique from the rest of the websites. The outlook of the website is very elegant and has a good collection of shows in it like Flash, thrones, and so many more.

These were some of the alternatives of 1Movies.Tv. Stay tuned to get more updates and alternative solutions for you.

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