10 Anime Sites Like Kissanime to Watch Anime for Free

best working kissanime alternatives for 2019
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KissAnime is popular for providing a wide range of all genres of anime videos at one platform. It is one of the best site that provide anime content. You can access this website 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. This site is popular because of its user-friendly design, great organization, good management, and providing mobile and tablet friendly site for users’ convenience.

Apart from that, it provides a huge range of whole seasons of anime shows. It has many other user-friendly features that make it different from other anime watching websites available on the internet. This site also provides dubbed content for English cartoons to make it available for everyone. However, they also provide on-demand services to the customers which means that they provide anime content for users upon their demand. There is a special place on KidsAnime where you can place your demands for Anime shows. The website also provides 720 HD viewable content to provide clear results.

However, due to the huge traffic of the audience, the site gets stuck and stops responding at the time. So, we have gathered a few alternatives of KissAnime to facilitate the people who love to watch anime content online. Here is the list of the alternatives of KissAnime:

Now let’s figure out more about these KissAnime alternatives and see what services they provide to the viewers.

Chia Anime:

This is the most accurate alternative for KissAnime since it provides online streaming of anime videos. Just like KissAnime, it has a wide variety of anime videos for its viewers which are dubbed in English for viewers outside Japan so that they understand the content. They, however, also have subtitles available on their videos. The only drawback of this site is that they offer advertisements which becomes annoying at times when you are watching some video and an advertisement appears out of nowhere. However, this is your best option if you are looking for free anime content. You can also watch videos offline here with the help of a software compatible with the website.

Anime Freak:

If you are looking from the classic to newest anime movies on the internet, then you can watch them from Anime Freak, under one platform. This is the most streaming site on the internet for Anime videos according to the survey research conducted in 2019. The most great quality of this site is that you can stream videos on this platform without registering yourself on the site. You can find your desired anime show on AnimeFreak by searching for it on the search bar present on the website. They provide all the videos in High Definition just like KissAnime. Additionally, you can also get notified when a new video is uploaded on the site after you turn on notifications for this website. You can also preview videos through thumbnail before watching the video that gives you the overlook of what you are about to watch which saves plenty of time for the users.

Anime Lab:

AnimeLab is a multi-dimensional website that is designed to work both on desktop and mobile or tablets. You can use this website on different devices. This website can be accessed through different platforms like PlayStation, Google Chrome Cast, Apple TV, Telstra TV, Foxtel Now Box,  Xbox One, and Apple Airplay. This website was developed by Madman Entertainment which is located in Melbourne, Australia. While viewing Anime content from this site, you do not have to access other websites to view your content since this website is in direct link with Japan and provide authentic Anime videos to you. If you hate advertisements then, fortunately, this site does not provide any sort of advertisements on it. However, there is a fallback on this site. That fallback is that you have to register as a premium user on this website to access some interesting features of this site. The gist is that you can watch only limited free videos on this site. No doubt, this site is one of the best alternatives to KissAnime.

Anime Heaven:

Anime Heaven is one of the classic websites that provide Anime videos to users for free. It has both the Japanese audiences as well as the non-Japanese audience. The simple and elegant outlook of this website makes it one of the most visited sites by people willing to watch Anime videos online for free. It provides a huge variety of Anime videos as well as Anime cartoons. It has Anime videos ranging from the oldest to the newest. It also updates you about the new Anime releasing. The only drawback of this website is pop-up advertisements that appear out of nowhere and interrupt your watch session. Apart from this, this website is one of the best online streaming site for Anime videos.

Crunchy Roll:

Crunchy roll is one of the biggest site for Anime videos. It provides dubbed material along with subtitled videos which makes it unique among other websites of its types. It also provides high-definition videos for its users in 720 HD. But this website requires you to register with it in order to provide you an unstoppable experience.

It can work well on different platforms like smartphones (both Android and Apple) alongside, it also works well on Windows gadgets, Roku box, Playstation (3 & 4), Playstation Vita, Xbox 360, Wii U and, Chrome Cast. You can get the content of this site translated into different languages like French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and English, etc.

Go Go Anime:

Go Go Anime also provides a wide variety of Anime videos just like Kiss Anime making it the best alternative for KissAnime. It includes all types of anime videos. It also provides good navigation options making it easier for the users to search their desired Anime content on this website. It provides plenty of links for a single Anime content making it easier for people to watch the content without the issue of broken or missing links.


Despite being unpopular among the audience, this website also provides a wide range of Anime content on its website for its viewers. This also provides free videos to its users without any subscription or registration. However, the content present on this website is not much as compared to other sites but it still has some popular anime videos for viewers. This video is slower than the other sites the only reason behind this is that is run by a non-profit organization that’s why it has a slow progression rate. But we recommend watching content on this site if you only watch some popular anime videos. It also works on an advertisement basis making it annoying for users to watch content over it. Since advertisements keep popping up every now and then to interrupt your watching. However, it is not such a bad option and can be used as an alternative for KissAnime since it does not charge any sort of amount and provide free content.

Anime Nova:

Formerly known as Anime44, Anime Nova has special features and characteristics that other Anime websites lack. This website provides daily updates and releases according to the timezone of Japan. The most recent and updated Anime content is updated on a daily basis on this website. It features English as well as Japanese Anime series for the audience. This site is high-maintained and provides great navigation services to the viewers. It also earns through advertisements but its advertisements are quite less in comparison to other Anime websites. It also provides free videos for the audience.

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Binge-watching sessions of Anime becomes more convenient with 9Anime. You can watch all of the Anime videos in it in high definition. It provides Anime videos in English dubbing and subtitles and that even in high quality. It has a wide range of content available for viewers. It also has a “Trending” option under which all the on-trend videos are found. You can also navigate Anime videos here by the date and year on which they were released. New releases are also updated on this website on the bottom corner of the website. This website is also a great alternative for KissAnime. It also provides free videos.  However, the only problem with this is that it does not have all videos dubbed in English making it difficult for non-native people.

Anime Planet:

It is a new website originated in the year 2001. It is famous not for its experience but for the number of Anime videos it provides for its viewers in the form of movies and shows. The unique thing about this site is that you can also check the review of certain seasons of Anime on this website to make your choice. It is made by anime lovers for other Anime lovers. Basically, it is a community where you can make friends that also love watching Anime so that you can chat with them about Anime.

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